Friday, 3 January 2014

Characteristic Virgo Girls

August 22-September 22

A Virgo is very attention to beauty and personal hygiene , as well as people - people who hang out around it . They generally appealing because they always keep up appearances in front of crowds . So do not be surprised if most of the Virgo always appear trendy and has a perfect body that results exceptional dedication to the fitness club .

Love secret :
Although it has a good taste , but if you dream you can not achieve , you can pretend - pretend you 've found what you want. Interestingly , you can suddenly lose interest if the partner does not pay attention to personal hygiene . Dirty nails are able to make a turn off .

Who will Fall in love with you ?
The idler who recognizes greatness regulate domestic affairs , they are dynamic and admire your sense of humor , as well as those that can compensate for the sensual pleasure you give .

Who can make to its knees ?
Hard workers , those who have high intellectual ability above yourself , or a romantic dreamers who can you set - set .

Hidden greatness :
High dedication . You will finish what you start to completion

Characteristic of :
Stubborn . Never forget the help from others , but so also if he is helping others . Very loving family , another meddlesome and fussy . Well-dressed and happy in the old colors .

General character :
Residents critical Virgo person . He did not want to take for granted what someone explained and work is always neat . Not happy to assert themselves in public and feeling very sharp . If you want something must be done in detail .

Horoscope Virgo Woman

Horoscope Virgo Woman


Curious and want to know so you theme this week . You 're not easily satisfied with one answer . You always want more , but if it does well in accordance with the place and purpose . There was a time where you can not force what you want on someone else .

This week you travel a lot ? Beware , stamina must always be maintained . If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday with , do not force yourself when tired . There was time for a break first and continue . Do not get reprimanded new hospital cured yes .


Single : When the dilemma of difficult choices , where else should complain if it was not for family and friends . While it is you who will undergo what you decide , but get advice and opinions from different heads will certainly make your mind . Good if you can be open and not idealistic with what you want .

Couple : You and your partner are up to Which? And will carry this relationship ? Not always right relationship just for fun ? There is a serious time , and certainly it would make any difference to your relationship . Talk to both and start with a good mood .

Career & Finance

What the hell you want in life ? Fun job but also more time for activities outside ? Though he said it would be difficult to balance the two. You must be able to receive and be fair . Importantly , you have to motivate yourself .

This week seems you often travel alone , even to the mall or shopping . Watch out, that was not a good mood can make your shopping impulsively . If you really just want to window shopping , nice , clench your wallet and credit cards . Think again , a new year equals a better financial plan .

Gemini Woman ( May 21 - June 20 )

The Gemini woman is full of enthusiasm. A vivacious, shining beauty, she can talk about a wide variety of subjects, and she is curious about everything. Don't advise a Gemini woman that she would be better off doing one thing at a time, for she needs variety and pursues a multitude of interests. She is actually at her best when swamped with things to do! Gemini is an ace communicator too, particularly adept at sharing her emotions and thoughts. (Take away her dial tone and it is like taking away oxygen.) She doesn't go for a man who crowds her or who limits her space. Gemini is symbolized by the twins flying through the air, and to set limits on a Gemini is like trapping a lovely bird in a small cage.

Your Challenge

This is a busy woman with endless lists of things to accomplish. She does have a tendency to be a bit forgetful too. But who wouldn't, with her lifestyle? She does more in a week than most of us accomplish in a month! You will need to remain Priority One with her, a hard task, when you're competing with all her activities, friends and admirers.

How To Handle Her

Read up on current issues, whether it is art, technology, movies, or books--anything interesting you that is topical. Then suggest to her that you and she check out a show or meet in a late night coffee shop to discuss the issues. Gemini adores a lively debate (she was probably captain of her debating team in college). Browse with her in a good bookstore, one that plays music to encourage lingering. (Gemini rules the printed words, thus, she is happy in book shops.) Or, if she has a new laptop, offer to help her set up her system folder. (She has the brains to do it, but prefers to do things like that ลก deux for the company.) Suggest you go window shopping for a new fax machine one night after work, so that she can choose the best one when she's ready. Convince her to let you assess the various local cellular phone carriers to choose the best deal for her, then meet to discuss your findings. As you see all these things are communication-oriented, and believe it or not, as dorky as these things seem, they will really turn her on. She will love you for your thoughtfulness. Trust me on this.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Buy her a cellular phone or a beeper with voice mail messaging, with pre-paid service for a year so you can call her up and leave sexy messages. Or give her an all-expense-paid-trip for two (with you!) to an inland hideaway. (Be sure there are cultural activities and night life available--remember, Gemini needs lots of stimulation). No money? Then fax her a naughty love note if her machine is private or else FedEx her an overnight letter filled with pink and red rose petals--she will be thrilled by your creativity.

In bed, whisper words and little stories you've imagined or read. She is the most verbal of all the signs, and her strong intellect and rich imagination is your surest way to passionate love. Read portions of steamy novels too while in bed, and don't be afraid to laugh or have fun with her when making love. She is one of the most spontaneous of all the signs. Since Gemini is the sign which rules versatility, she will appreciate your reading up on different lovemaking positions--and she'll be willing to try almost anything at least once. One more hint: she is very verbal, and therefore highly oral. Enough said? You lucky dude, you.